Case Study | Marketing Automation Strategy, Data Flow redesign: Pardot - Salesforce Sales Cloud & External tools

From "average performance" to: "Sorry, we're SOLD OUT!"
Florida-based Capital investment company - success story

Sales Cloud - Marketing Cloud Account Engagement (Pardot) Multiple BUs - External event App integration

Challenging all processes and historical data decisions to get the most out of Salesforce and Pardot

Vertical: Finance / FinTech
Client: Capita Lending & Investing merged companies, Florida

The Challenge

We were warmly introduced to this client by another client of ours - A Real-Estate, Finance and Investment company with branches in NY, TX, VA and IN to whom we
successfully implemented a migration form Salesforce Pardot to Salesforce Marketing Cloud.
After internally-implementing Pardot for 4 years, our new client, which relies on B2B event-based marketing lost its Pardot consultant because of burn-out due to stress around quarterly held events.

While the entire Marketing team overclocked, campaign performance was average, duplicated records were all around.
It was obvious that a radical intervention is needed to get things on track in a sustainable way.

The Solution

It's never easy to inherit an account when things aren't working.
The approach we took was to understand how we got to the current state by interviewing each of the stakeholders.
By doing so, not only did we get their input, but also assured their buy-in.

Our discovery sessions has showed merged companies - Funding and Investment, each having different Sales processes and teams in place,
while many Marketing Campaigns are actually shared. We then mapped their customers lifecycle, and audited integrations with external tools and the websites.

We managed to get two quick wins early on the process before tackling heavy data operations that involved BU migrations.


  • Quick win #1: We laid out a clear Event Marketing Strategy - before-during-after and translated it to a Pardot Engagement Studio Drip;
    This took off the stress before and during an event. 
  • Quick win #2: We identified the sources of all records and redesigned the data flow to establish the CRM as our only source of truth
    We eliminated conflicting fields and banned any tentative to bypass the CRM;  
  • Quick win #3: We aligned Social Media with the Event strategy in Pardot and designed an Abandoned cart drip;
    The path has never been clearer to the team;
  • Quick win #4: We automated Pardot Report results, sent directly to key stakeholders.
  • A Pardot BU merge - unprecedented time-saver! 
    Business Analysis showed that we were left with no use-case that would justify two separated BUs, so we carefully designed a BU migration plan, and tested impact.
    Merging the BUs is an incredible time-saver to avoid duplicated efforts.
  • Then, this came in our inbox:

    Marketing Cloud Pardot Sold Out Campaign

    Yes, our efforts paid off! In just 6 months - we sold-out an event for the first time 😎 ! 

The client, wowed, doesn't miss a chance to compliment us on the impact to the organization and to the business; 
We now have a new challenge to overcome: Support the growth monster we helped create!

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