Salesforce Marketing Cloud QuickStarts

🚀 Marketing Cloud Quick-Starts / Pardot Quick-Starts / Data Cloud Quick-Starts

Salesforce AEs and clients frequently ask us:

  • Marketing Cloud Engage Quick-Starts? Yes. Up & running in 10 days!
  • DATA CLOUD Quick-Starts? Yes.
  • Marketing Cloud Growth (MCG) ? Yes.
  • MC-Connect Quick-Starts (Marketing Cloud <> Salesforce Sales/Service Cloud/Health-Cloud/Financial Services Cloud)? Yes.
  • Pardot-MCAE / Advertising Studio Quick-Starts? Yes.
  • Interaction Studio (Marketing Cloud Personalization) Quick-Starts? Yes.
  • Marketing Cloud Engage - Audit Package / Health Check? Yes.
  • Email Deliverability Audit & Fix Package? Yes.

The correct answer is: D. All of the above.
We also tailor solutions following scoping calls, co-selling.

For clients with already-running implementations - our approach is to kick-off with a health-check, and have a monthly retainer to tackle the highest priorities.

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